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Why Us

iGo Marketing, LLC was founded by Dr. Keith Webb and David Cartwright, who are successful business owners themselves. They were looking for better marketing solutions to grow their own business when they joined the GKIC Marketing Group which was headed by Dan Kennedy. They eventually met by becoming members of a high-end marketing mastermind group, and quickly became friends because of their common interest for quickly growing businesses.

They soon found that most business owners understand the need to market their business more effectively, but once their business is open they suddenly become overwhelmed and are too busy working in their business, that they soon forget or just can’t find the time to implement a full range of marketing solutions. They also discovered that very few small businesses have an effective loyalty rewards, referral programs or a reactivation program. And that most business owners don’t have the time to market through social media or don’t understand how to market to mobile consumers.

That’s why they developed Customer Autopilot. It takes the business owner out of the marketing equation since their company manages the loyalty program for you. This frees up their time, while allowing them to thoroughly market their business by integrating all the different programs that will not only generate new customers, but will keep existing customers coming back more often and spending more money at their place of business.

iGo Marketing’s team of marketing experts will setup and fully manage your loyalty program for you, so you won’t have to lift a finger. And by integrating loyalty rewards, with special occasion marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and a referral and reactivation program, it’s by far the most thorough marketing system available to small business owners today! Business owners just love what it does for their bottom line, so contact us and get started today!

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