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Industry Solutions

Auto Services & Car Washes

Automotive services and car washes benefit greatly from our programs because it’s a simple way to keep track of preferred customers and reactivate inactive ones which increases your bottom line and marketing ROI. You’ll be able to automatically send your latest offers and promotions directly to your customer’s pocket using mobile marketing and easily generate more new customers with our integrated referral and social media features as your customers promote your business to all their friends, family and social media contacts; thereby, growing your business and generating additional revenues and profits for you. So call us now and start growing your business today.

Bars & Restaurants

There’s never been an easier way for bars and restaurants to engage and retain their customers then what our programs provides.  From special occasion marketing to reactivating lost customers who haven’t been to your establishment for a while, we keep your customers bonded to your place of business. Automatically retain your existing customers with our loyalty rewards and preferred customers programs, while generating new customers through our referral program, our social media marketing features, our mobile marketing program and our local business directory. You’ll never find a more complete solution to grow your establishment and retain your existing guests than what where are offering today. So call us now and find out how you can benefit from our programs.

Local Businesses & Retailers

They say that a consumer needs to use your place of business four times before they become a regular customer… And that’s what we’re going to help you do. By integrating loyalty rewards and reactivation programs, along with automated mobile coupons and offers, we’ll have consumers coming back more often. Then once they become a regular, will keep them coming back more frequently using our loyalty rewards program, special occasion marketing program and mobile coupons and offers. And to provide a total marketing solution, we’ll generate more new customers through our automated referral program, social media marketing features, and by networking with other businesses in your area through our local business directory that allows you to send local consumer mobile coupons and offers.

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