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Special Occasion Marketing

It’s been proven that members will better respond to your marketing when there’s a clear reason “why” you’re sending them a promotion. It could be a thank you for the referral, their birthday, anniversary or other special occasions. We’ve taken special occasions proven to get the best response and put this marketing on autopilot for you!

Now you don’t have to “remember” your member’s birthdays or anniversaries… We do it for you so nobody slips through the cracks! Your members will be impressed that you took time to remember the special occasions in their lives and they’ll reward you for it by spending more money in your business!

Birthday Clubs have been the hottest trend for increasing sales and loyalty over the last year.  You can almost guarantee extra business each and every week.  No one ever complains when wished “Happy Birthday”. In today’s fast paced, competitive and impersonal world, it’s one of the few things left that leave a lasting impression on someone. It is a serious revenue and profit booster, and could even be the difference between surviving and guaranteeing your business’s success.

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