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Text Message Marketing

The problem with most marketing systems are that they use email or postcards to market to their customer list. There’s nothing in the world that provides a cheaper way to communicate with members than email, so numerous companies come along selling inexpensive “email loyalty programs”.  But they don’t tell you that email open rates are going down across the board and are only around 10-15%, which means that 85-90% of your members will not be reading your emails… or may not be getting your emails at all because of increased delivery issues, spam filters, firewalls and other constantly changing “rules” that are blocking your messages from even getting to your members.

Or, other marketing systems may use postcards which are much more expensive to send, yet deliver inferior results. When was the last time you pulled a post card from your mail and responded to the offer? Most people open their mail over the trash can so they can just pitch your mail piece in the trash without even looking at it.

Our system has an integrated text messaging platform built-in which allows you to send your message directly to your customer’s pocket anytime you’d like. You’ll create special events, coupons and offers that will have customers flocking to your business, have them coming back more often, referring their friends and neighbors and keep them looking for your updated promotions regularly.

The best part is, it’s as easy as filling in a simple form and pushing send. Or if you’re too busy, we can handle it. Just simply tell us what type of offer you’d like to run, the expiration date, restrictions and when you’d like for us to send it out… and consider it done. Then just sit back and watch your business thrive and your revenues increase dramatically.

Also, since your wealth is in your list, one of the things that we do is list segmentation which allows you to send different offers with different restrictions or even different messages to each one of the segments of your list. You might find that certain members only come in at lunch, or only at breakfast or only in the evening. This allows you to focus with laser-like precision and cut out any of the waste in your marketing and market to those customers differently.

And for most business owners who’ve been doing any marketing know, it’s typically very, very hard to determine what marketing message or offer was actually working and what wasn’t. But that’s a huge benefit for our customers since we can measure everything that you’re doing and totally focus on the things that are working to get you more customers and make you more money.

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