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Reputation Management

Did you know your Google Places rankings are affected by the number of customer reviews you have? And with the recent changes in Google’s algorithm, customer reviews are playing a larger role than ever before in search engine rankings.  That’s why we’ve automated reputation management which is designed to give your business an unfair advantage when it comes to ranking high and attracting new customers.

Not only are reviews playing a larger role in your business’ rankings, they’re also playing a larger role in a consumer’s decision on where to shop. If you have poor reviews, then your business will suffer because of it. The problem is that it takes a happy customer 14 steps to leave a positive review.

But, what if we could shorten that process down to 3 steps… do you think this would help? You know it would! That’s why our reputation management programs is so powerful. We’ll survey your customers, get positive reviews from the most satisfied customers and syndicate them to some of the most popular review sites to ensure your online reputation will never be tarnished.

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