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Referral Program

There are many reasons every business should invest in a good referral system. Referrals are the most cost-effective form of marketing because they cost very little if anything at all, referrals tend to be better customers, they’re more loyal, they typically spend more and are even more likely to give referrals.

We automate referrals by having three separate referral generating features that helps you capitalize on your member’s relationships to generate a constant flow of new customers which are automatically tracked by the system so you can thank and reward members for referring others to your business. By rewarding this type of behavior, you’re training your members to produce a steady stream of new customers with literally no effort on your part!

Your members:

  • Will share their winning ticket by forwarding a referral-specific message to anyone or everyone in their mobile phone’s contact list.
  • Will share their winning tickets with their friends on Facebook which grants us access to their Facebook timeline so we can post promotions and offers on your behalf automatically with no additional work or time commitment from them.
  • Will be assigned a unique keyword which is text to our shortcode so members can continue to promote your business friends as often as they’d like to gain additional referral gifts. You’ll have your own little army promoting your business and increasing your ROI.

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